Find Success With Email Marketing

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Email newsletters have emerged as one of the most effective ways to communicate with customers. It is familiar, direct, and straightforward. Although there are certainly a lot of technologies that emerged, newsletters have retained a special place in the consumers’ mind and preferences. There are many ways you can make your newsletter user friendly and attractive. Below I have highlighted the most important things to remember when preparing your newsletter.

1) The subject line of the email is the first thing readers see. Make sure that the title you chose is interesting and relevant. Place yourself in the subscribers’ shoes and find out the things that matter to them. It is best to choose a title that describes the content in the newsletter as well.

2) Keep your messages short and easy to read even if your newsletter contains several different items and messages and get to the point fast. 

3) Think about benefits that your readers are getting when reading your mail. Make sure there is something special for them.

4) Establish a well-designed template and be consistent so that subscribers will recognize it.  Customize the template to reflect your business branding elements, colors and fonts. This will help to maintain your image and strengthen your brand recognition, making your next sale more likely.

5) Make Sure All Links on Your Email Works - your email marketing campaign might be compelling but if the links don’t work, then what’s the use?

6) Remember to run a spellcheck before hitting a send button. Spelling and grammar errors can shed you a massive segment in the educated and affluent population.

7) Send out your newsletter on the same day at the same time, preferably on a Wednesday around 3pm.  That way your subscriber will come to expect your newsletter and hopefully to look forward to reading it and will generally be more likely to follow up on special offers or promotions.

By utilising the right strategy, it is not difficult to find success with email marketing. In fact, newsletters are known to be a significant profit driver for both big and small businesses.

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